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Bouncy Blow Band Heatless Curls Results

Classic curls to Big Bouncy Blow Curls

Create Heatless Curls & Waves

Our band has four arms that give you all over curls making it easy to wrap shorter hair as-well as super long hair! Use the band in multiple ways to achieve different heatless curl and wave styles

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  • 1. How to do heatless overnight curls

    We recommend wrapping hair 95% dry and letting it dry and set overnight for curls that hold! Collect sections of hair as you wrap and use the built in hair ties to secure hair.

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  • 2. Does this heatless hair curling band work on short hair

    Yes! Our Bouncy Blow Band has 4 arms which allow those with shorter hair to wrap hair easily to achieve all over curls

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  • 3. How long do heatless curls last

    Heatless curls can last 1-2 days depending on your hair type. If you have hair that is dry or bleached curls can last longer. For smooth hair that's in good condition we recommend wrapping when slightly damp then drying with a hair dryer on a low setting to set the curks when wrapped for curls that hold all day!

  • 4. Is Bouncy Blow Band a good heatless curler

    We were tested by The Daily Mail's Beauty editor and put up against other heatless curlers and came out on top as the comfiest heatless hair curling band with the best results!

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The best heatless hair curler i have tried!

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This band is so comfy and I love that the curls are perfect each time even at the back! Game changer

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I love that you can create waves or curls but also big and small curls! genius!! It's my night time staple now

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Finally a heatless curler that works on short hair!

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