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Bouncy Blow Band

Spa Wash Wristbands -Pink Microfibre

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Hate when water runs down your arms and wets your sleeves when you're washing your face? Us to! Our microfibre plush wrist bands keep you nice and dry during your nighttime or morning self care routine 
  • Includes 1 pair (2pcs) of wristbands in pink
  • Comfortable to Wear: this soft wrist wash band is made of quality coral fleece
  • Good water absorption, to prevent liquids from spilling down arms while you wash your face in the sink. Keeps your clothes dry and fresh for sleeping
  • Flexible & Stretchy: the absorbent wristbands also has good elasticity, the stretchable design makes this wristband suitable all size wrist without being too tight or loose.

    Spa Wash Wristbands -Pink Microfibre


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    Is the Bouncy Blow Band suitable for short hair

    Yes! The four armed unique design was created so that all hair lengths can achieve all over curls

    Do I have to wear it over night for curls to form?

    No! All hair types are different some bleached hair only need to hair the heatless hair band for 2 hours and curls have formed! You can spray your hair with water, wrap and set with a hair dryer on a low setting and leave the band in during the day then release in the evening! We recommend at least wearing the band for 4 hours. The longer it is worn the longer the curls will last.

    Will it make my hair frizzy

    Our band is frizzy hair friendly! Those with frizzy hair can also get a sleek effect using our band. The material is anti friction and hair will form in a uniform curl giving a sleek formation to usually frizzy curls. Using an anti frizz spray before wrapping and an anti frizz hair oil through the ends after un wrapping can also allow frizzy hair to get sleek frizz free curls!


    The world wanted heatless curls and Bouncy Blow Band said hold my drink!!

    Grace Beverley

    Guys this heatless curler is the comfiest and gives the best curls! Run don't walk